‘Melanie created a safe and inviting space for me to begin to express and explore the complex emotions I’d been carrying with little time to give attention to. She led me with great skill and gentleness to find a form for my experiences. By the end of the session – which I hadn’t realised I had so badly needed – I felt held, heard and like a little torn part inside of me had begun, at last, to heal. I am very grateful for those moments of release and restoration.’

– Cath

‘I was often amazed by the creative processes used to discover truths within myself. I found Melanie’s sessions and companionship invaluable in making sense of things and having a deeper understanding of myself.’

– Sarah

‘Melanie is a calm, clear-thinking and thoughtful companion. She provided a safe and non-judgemental space which supported me during the art therapy process. Working with her I was able to find my way out of habitual, negative patterns of thinking to greater understanding and compassion for myself. With the insights gained, I could choose other ways of being and greater self-acceptance.’

– Jo


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