Areas of Practice


Individuals (Adults)

Creative arts therapy and counselling services that support individuals in attending to their mental health and well-being. In collaboration with an arts therapist, individuals engage in a creative process of self-inquiry that opens possibilities for positive change or acceptance in their life.


Children & Youth

Creative arts therapy and counselling for children and youth that provides a safe space for their voice to be heard and responded to using a variety of arts or play modalities. This process focusses on the individual needs and emotional well-being of each child in collaboration with families and carers.


NDIS Early Childhood Supports

Therapeutic support services for NDIS participants who are children aged 0-6 that focus on the individual needs, goals and aspirations for each child, their families and carers. Melanie integrates her knowledge and skill as an early childhood teacher and arts therapist to provide an enriching experience for young children across all domains of development.

Registered NDIS Provider


NDIS Therapeutic Supports

Therapeutic support services for NDIS participants who are aged 7-65 years that focus on the individual’s unique needs, goals and aspirations. Using a multi-modal therapeutic arts approach, participants are supported in areas such as self-expression, social engagement, psychosocial education, capacity building and enhanced wellbeing.

Registered NDIS Provider


Community Arts & Health

Creative arts therapy with groups that can be tailored to the needs of your community or organisation. Using a range of creative arts modalities and processes, participants are supported in areas such as self-expression, capacity building, enhanced well-being, social engagement and creative self-care.


Workshops & Courses

Creative arts therapy workshops and courses that provide time and space for nurturing yourself and the relationships you care about most in life.

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Individual sessions are available for adults at Hobart Breathing Space on Thursdays or online (via Zoom) throughout the week. Community outreach is available for children, NDIS clients and community groups or organisations in the greater Hobart area. Please contact me to find out more.