Melanie provides arts psychotherapy and counselling services in Hobart, Tasmania.

Melanie Paul


Hi, I’m Melanie.

I’m a registered arts therapist, NDIS provider and professional member of ANZACATA. I offer a calm and thoughtful approach to arts therapy that is grounded in experiential psychotherapy.

I have a Masters degree in Therapeutic Arts Practice from the MIECAT Institute and experience in working with children, youth and adults who have diverse abilities and mental health needs. In addition to individual therapy, I have facilitated creative arts therapy with groups, including for women and children with complex trauma. When working with young people, my previous training and experience as an early childhood teacher informs my approach to therapeutic play and arts-making for enhancing children’s holistic development, well-being and capacity to make sense of their world.

Art-making has been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember and I continue to maintain a personal creative practice, often inspired by my relationship with the natural world. I believe we can all benefit from having time and space to reflect, express, make and receive meaning though our engagement with the arts.



Master of Therapeutic Arts Practice (Therapy)
The MIECAT Institute

Master of Teaching (Early Childhood)
University of Melbourne


What is Creative Arts Therapy?

The arts in therapy help us to communicate something beyond words…

Creative arts therapy is an experiential approach to psychotherapy and counselling that helps people attend to their emotional, cognitive, physical and spiritual well-being. By focusing on the present moment, individuals are supported by an arts therapist to engage in an emergent and creative process for self-inquiry and self-expression, observing and reflecting on thoughts and feelings in a new, safe and open way.

The arts in therapy help us to communicate something beyond words and explore unknown or unnamed aspects of our lives. Difficult emotions can be represented using a variety of art forms and attended to in a non-judgemental way. Any insights that arise in-process offer opportunities for further inquiry and meaning-making as we reflect on new ways of being with ourselves and others in our life.

When working with the arts in therapy, there isn’t any prescribed outcome or focus on an end product. An arts therapist will not interpret artworks created in therapy, instead inviting participants to engage their curiosity in relationship to what is present. Each person is supported according to their unique life-stage, experiences and needs. No prior experience or skills are necessary to benefit from creative arts therapy.

Arts modalities may include: clay work; sand tray; painting, drawing or collage; sound and movement; sensory motor; assemblage and sculpture; play; fibre-arts and textiles.

People of all ages and abilities can benefit from having time and space to reflect, express and make-meaning through a supported therapeutic arts process. Together with a qualified arts therapist, the complexity of our unique lived experience can be explored and understood in unexpected ways.


Areas of Practice


Individuals (Adults)

Creative arts therapy and counselling services that support individuals in attending to their mental health and well-being. In collaboration with an arts therapist, individuals engage in a creative process of self-inquiry that opens possibilities for positive change or acceptance in their life.


Children & Youth

Creative arts therapy and counselling for children and youth that provides a safe space for their voice to be heard and responded to using a variety of arts or play modalities. This process focusses on the individual needs and emotional well-being of each child in collaboration with families and carers.


Arts-Play for Early Childhood

Therapeutic arts-play for children aged 0-6 that supports the individual needs and emotional well-being of each child in collaboration with families and carers. Melanie integrates her knowledge and skill as an early childhood teacher and arts therapist to provide an enriching experience for young children across all domains of development.


NDIS Therapeutic Supports

Therapeutic support services for NDIS participants who are aged 7-65 years that focus on the individual’s unique needs, goals and aspirations. Using a multi-modal therapeutic arts approach, participants are supported in areas such as self-expression, social engagement, psychosocial education, capacity building and enhanced wellbeing.

Registered NDIS Provider


Community Arts & Health

Creative arts therapy with groups that can be tailored to the needs of your community or organisation. Using a range of creative arts modalities and processes, participants are supported in areas such as self-expression, capacity building, enhanced well-being, social engagement and creative self-care.


Workshops & Courses

Creative arts therapy workshops and courses that provide time and space for nurturing yourself and the relationships you care about most in life.

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Individual sessions are available for adults at Hobart Breathing Space on Thursdays or online (via Zoom) throughout the week. Community outreach is available for children, NDIS clients and community groups or organisations in the greater Hobart area. Please contact me to find out more.